One a Day Day 12 – Lazy Post

Not much to report today, its 11.15pm and i am in pretty shitty form.

Liverpool losing again has not helped.  We needed the three points.

On the plus I made a lovely curry for tea tonight and all free on my slimming world plan.

Chicken Curry

1 chicken breast cut into big chunks

1 onion in chunky pieces

1 inch piece of ginger peeled and grated

2 garlic cloves crushed

1 tbsp curry powder

1 tsp cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika

1/2 tsp tumeric

can chopped tomatoes

1/2 pint chicken stock

handful fresh coriander

2 green chilli chopped into pieces


1) fry off onions till soft with fry-light, add ginger and garlic

2) add spices and cook off for 2 mins

3) add chicken and cook till sealed

4) add tomatoes and stock, bring to boil and simmer for 40 – 45 mins

5) stir in fresh coriander

6. serve and garnish with chilli pieces

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One a Day : Day 11 – Down Time

Today has been a wishy washy day, nothing great but at the same time nothing bad about it.  I have loads of leave, way too much  (28 days leave left) and it all has to be used up by the end of this month.  It is not going to happen, I have to help organise 6 conferences between now and the end of march  eek!  So today, after a meeting in Belfast, I took a half day.

It was so good being off, I had a lovely lunch in the Mourne Seafood Bar.  I went for the beautiful Queen Scallop Risotto, washed down with a glass of the bar’s very own Oyster Stout. I came away feeling smug with myself, turns out my own attempts at Risotto are none too shabby if that was anything to go by.

Then I took myself to the Victoria Square – its Belfast’s premier shopping centre.  Called into Geek Heaven otherwise known as the Apple Store and killed a good half an hour trying various Apple products.  I oohed at the thinness of the Mac Air, I aahed at the new nanos and  virtually shot my load over the Ipad.  WANT!

Next was a trip into the Hollister store, I just had to see if it was as bad as I imagined it would be.  It was my worst nightmare realised, the music in the store was too loud, the faux decoration of the shop left me bewildered.  Do not get me started on the lighting, there really isnt any lighting worth talking about.  I found myself looking at a top and I could not actually determine was is brown or purple?

Realising I only had an hour left before catching a lift home from the brother in law, I decided to sample a local pub for some of that famous Belfast Craic.  Unfortunately, craic was sparse on the ground, the tragic murder of Michaela Harte on her honeymoon was the subject de jour.

Still all was not lost, I spied a beer on draft I had never tried before.  An American craft beer called Blue Moon.  Subsequent research tells me it is part of the Coors family.  This is an American beer modelled very much on a Belgian Wheat beer. Cloudy and slghtly sweet but very drinkable.  I have taken a note to go back to the bar on another trip to Belfast, the array of Irish Whisky was very impressive.

Since Belfast I have been to the gym and had a good workout and a nice swim.  Think I will watch the Hangover before bed.


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One a Day :Day 10 – Slimmer of the Week!

I kind of knew I had been heading for a good weight loss this week, stuck to the plan the majority of the week (cough far too many office chocolates ). I had been to the gym 5 times and had been out running 4 days on the trot.  But I had a great weekend, no alcohol and stayed rigidly on plan.

Nothing could have made me think it would be that good – I lost a total of 9.5lb this week!

I stayed for group, knowing it would be quite a hefty weight loss for anyone to beat that.  Though someone came close with 8.75lb.  I got the slimmer of the week for the 4th time.

Going through the goodie bag, January is clearly a lean month.  All i got was 2 apples, a banana and a kiwi fruit and a sachet of porridge.   The last time I was slimmer of the week there was nearly £10 worth of stuff inside.

So Im setting the bar for next week – my goal is a minimum of 5lb.

Right I have the long overdue external hard drive from Amazon to set up before Biggest Loser UK.  Yes the hard drive finally arrived today – from Amazon not so prime.

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One a Day Day 9 – Return of the King

It is just a quick post today.

Have to head out for the massive walk I always go go the night before weigh in at slimming world. Not looking forward on going for the walk given how cold it is outside but hey ho.

So the result at Man U did not follow the Hollywood script with Kenny returning.  It should have been a victory, but Man u had their 12 man on the pitch – Howard Webb deserved Man of the Match for his performance in his United colours.  It just was not to be.  Success will not come over night but, I believe with Kenny at the helm until the end of the season, the team will be galvanised.

The ipod is now fully charged, the podcasts I want to listen to are synced over and the fat lady is about to sing in a tribute to Kenny’s return.

Fields of Anfield Road

Outside the Shankly Gates ,
I heard a Kopite calling,
Shankly they have taken you away ,
But you left a great eleven,
Before you went to heaven ,
Now it’s glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

All round the Fields of Anfield Road,
Where once we watched the King Kenny play,
We had Heighway on the wing,
We had dreams and songs to sing ,
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

Outside the Paisley Gates,
I heard a Kopite calling,
Paisley they have taken you away,
You led the great 11,
Back in Rome in 77,
And the redmen they are still playing the same way.

All round the Fields of Anfield Road,
Where once we watched the King Kenny play,
We had Heighway on the wing ,
We had dreams and songs to sing,
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

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One a Day Day 8 – the Recipe Post – Tom Yam Gai

Saturdays are the day when I let my culinary desires go wild and try new recipes.  Unfortunately I have to try to keep it healthy, no point undoing all the good work of during the week.

I made lovely scrambled egg with smoked Salmon for Breakfast.  Lunch was some Lamb Kofta style kebabs and a beautiful rainbow salad.  So for tea I decided to have a go at making a nice cleansing and at the same time invigorating thai soup called Tom Yam Gai.

Tom Yam Gai

This recipe will serve 2 people



1 chicken breast without skin

1 litre of chicken stock

4 scallions (spring onions)

2 cloves of garlic fine chopped

1 stalk of lemon grass (bashed and chopped into 2 cm pieces)

3 chillis thinly sliced (i deseeded mine )

10 lime leaves

Table spoon of thai fish sauce

1 teaspoon sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice (fresh or from a squeezy)

some chopped coriander leaves

1) Put the chicken breast into a saucepan and add the stock, bring to the boil then simmer for ten mins or until the chicken is cooked.

2) Remove the chicken and cut into thin pieces and set aside for now.

3) Add the garlic, lemon grass, scallions, chilli and limeleaves to the stock and simmer for ten minutes.

4) Add the fish sauce, sugar and return the chicken to the saucepan and simmer for a further 3 -4 minutes

5) Stir in the lime juice then taste for seasoning, add salt if necessary.

6) Stir in the coriander at point of serving

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One a Day : Day 7 – Gym Tosser

Every village has an idiot, and tonight I found my town’s.

There is a  bloke who comes into the gym. He’s about five foot tall. He has big biceps, big shoulders , looks toned till you see he has a massive belly. And a big fat head.

He does the same machines every time, and hogs them for ages. In fact, when the place is quiet, he tries to hog two machines at once. He does a set of shoulder presses and then goes over to the lat pulldown machine. But if someone has a go on either of these vacant machines, he sometimes stops and says ‘Hey mate I’m still using that one.’

No you aren’t, f**kwit you are on the other machine now. I always just say to him ‘I’m just doing a set of ten’ and then take my time.

But that’s not even the annoying thing. The real annoying thing is that the whole time he is exercising HE TALKS REALLY LOUDLY INTO A STUPID BLUE TOOTH HEADSET BEHIND HIS EAR.

He never stops. He talks self-important crap about various business dealings he is negotiating with some unnamed person. Maybe he is some sort of drug dealer, he certainly looks like one of our local thuggish organised criminals (Paramilitary) with his stupid gold chain and ugly tattoos.

His conversations go something like this:

‘Yeah, tell Billy to bring it over…no look I told him that already, it was all arranged….what….yeah but sure that was all sorted out…what….yeah of course that was all sorted out already….
Blah blah blah. Really loudly.

I suppose the reason why he has the big belly is because he only works on his arms. I sometimes wonder why he never looks in the mirror and thinks ‘Christ I look ridiculous.’ Because he does.

After I finish in the gym I like to go and relax in the steam room for half an hour. My bluetooth friend doesn’t usually frequent this area, but unfortunately tonight, I was sitting in the steam room when he walked in.

Bizarrely, he was fully dressed in his gym gear complete with jewellery. He had a newspaper with him. Bear in mind that in the steam room it’s very damp and with 90% humidity his paper soon started to fall apart.

But not before he had a chat to me about the contents. To my disgust, every time he finished a sentence he spat on the floor between his feet, like some weird nervous tic.

‘Look at that’ spit he said ‘he earns a million dollars an hour’ spit

‘What?’ I replied.

‘Advertising’ spit said Mr bulky dwarf. ‘a million dollars an hour. spit. I’d like to be him’ spit.

I was confused now. ‘Who does.’

‘Mr Google’ spit he said. ‘He gets a million dollars an hour from advertising.’spit

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One a Day Day 6 – Amazon Not So Prime

I signed up to Amazon Prime in December,with the intention of canceling once the trial month is up; thinking any Christmas presents needed could be whisked here in no time ie their one day delivery service.

Great idea in theory, but in reality a whole different kettle of fish. I get to finally give my brother in law his official Christmas present tomorrow.

Ordered on the 20 December (when he finally decided on a few items I could choose from.) Inception and Goodfellas on Bluray.  Unfortunately for me the snow apparently caused havoc to their systems and followed up with Christmas meant the courier was not able to complete the delivery. The only winner out of this was my brother in law, as I felt I had to have something to open on Christmas day.  Fallout New Vegas, in case you wonder what I got him.

Now fingers crossed the 1TB external hard drive I ordered for myself on the 21st of December will arrive tomorrow.  I have a hard drive groaning with the amount of media on it that needs shifted to the new drive.

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