One a Day Day 6 – Amazon Not So Prime

I signed up to Amazon Prime in December,with the intention of canceling once the trial month is up; thinking any Christmas presents needed could be whisked here in no time ie their one day delivery service.

Great idea in theory, but in reality a whole different kettle of fish. I get to finally give my brother in law his official Christmas present tomorrow.

Ordered on the 20 December (when he finally decided on a few items I could choose from.) Inception and Goodfellas on Bluray.  Unfortunately for me the snow apparently caused havoc to their systems and followed up with Christmas meant the courier was not able to complete the delivery. The only winner out of this was my brother in law, as I felt I had to have something to open on Christmas day.  Fallout New Vegas, in case you wonder what I got him.

Now fingers crossed the 1TB external hard drive I ordered for myself on the 21st of December will arrive tomorrow.  I have a hard drive groaning with the amount of media on it that needs shifted to the new drive.

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One Response to One a Day Day 6 – Amazon Not So Prime

  1. Catherine says:

    I had the same issues, you’d think when paying for a prime account they’d make sure you get your items. I ended up buying duplicates of three presents because of prime not getting them to me, even though I ordered them well in time before christmas.

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