One a Day : Day 11 – Down Time

Today has been a wishy washy day, nothing great but at the same time nothing bad about it.  I have loads of leave, way too much  (28 days leave left) and it all has to be used up by the end of this month.  It is not going to happen, I have to help organise 6 conferences between now and the end of march  eek!  So today, after a meeting in Belfast, I took a half day.

It was so good being off, I had a lovely lunch in the Mourne Seafood Bar.  I went for the beautiful Queen Scallop Risotto, washed down with a glass of the bar’s very own Oyster Stout. I came away feeling smug with myself, turns out my own attempts at Risotto are none too shabby if that was anything to go by.

Then I took myself to the Victoria Square – its Belfast’s premier shopping centre.  Called into Geek Heaven otherwise known as the Apple Store and killed a good half an hour trying various Apple products.  I oohed at the thinness of the Mac Air, I aahed at the new nanos and  virtually shot my load over the Ipad.  WANT!

Next was a trip into the Hollister store, I just had to see if it was as bad as I imagined it would be.  It was my worst nightmare realised, the music in the store was too loud, the faux decoration of the shop left me bewildered.  Do not get me started on the lighting, there really isnt any lighting worth talking about.  I found myself looking at a top and I could not actually determine was is brown or purple?

Realising I only had an hour left before catching a lift home from the brother in law, I decided to sample a local pub for some of that famous Belfast Craic.  Unfortunately, craic was sparse on the ground, the tragic murder of Michaela Harte on her honeymoon was the subject de jour.

Still all was not lost, I spied a beer on draft I had never tried before.  An American craft beer called Blue Moon.  Subsequent research tells me it is part of the Coors family.  This is an American beer modelled very much on a Belgian Wheat beer. Cloudy and slghtly sweet but very drinkable.  I have taken a note to go back to the bar on another trip to Belfast, the array of Irish Whisky was very impressive.

Since Belfast I have been to the gym and had a good workout and a nice swim.  Think I will watch the Hangover before bed.


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One Response to One a Day : Day 11 – Down Time

  1. Steven Wright says:

    Sounds like a great day out Neil. And I’m very tempted by the Blue Moon as I’m an avid Coors drinker. May have to have a wee skek around town this week.

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